The Benefits of Hydroponics

Growing Year Around

  • We are able to produce year around in our warehouse by controlling the temperature, CO2, and humidity.


  • We supplement our produce with the exact nutrients they need and are able to control the pH level of the water to allow them to absorb the nutrients. This helps them to grow larger, more rich in color, and more flavorful than normal produce.

Water Consumption

  • By growing hydroponically, we are able to use 10% of the water that it would take to grow the same amount of produce in the ground. 

Grow Lights

  • Our highly specialized grow lights allow us to utilize the red and blue light spectrums to help the produce reach their maximum potential.  We can even change the flavor of the produce to taste either more sweet or bitter, depending on the color of the lights.

Space Needed

  • Vertical hydroponic towers allow us to use 25% of the space needed to grow the same amount of produce in the ground. 

Shelf Life

  • Delivering weekly and locally allows our produce to be fresh and have a longer shelf life (up to 4 weeks) than the produce that is shipped in from Mexico or California.