About Us

Who We Are

Lighthouse Farms was started by Bob and Zach Halter in December of 2017. It is an indoor, vertical hydroponic farm that is located in Wathena, KS. Our farm has the ability to produce fresh and tasty produce all year long. 

Why We Chose to Become Hydroponic Farmers

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and thought "why is that tomato pink and not red" or "this lettuce taste like grass clippings"? Well that is how it all began for us, and ever since then we have been hooked on trying to develop a way to produce the most fresh, delicious, and clean food that we could!

Why We Chose the Name "Lighthouse Farms"

Lighthouse stand for two reason:

1) Our farm is an indoor system that uses highly specialized grow lights to grow our produce and make them taste fresh and juicy.

2) Lighthouses help to guide ships and warn them of dangerous areas, just like how God wants to guide your life and keep you from wrecking. We can't thank Him enough for how much He has blessed our lives and we owe it all to Him!